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(636) 828-5597
14 Doe Ct
Wentzville, MO

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Siever's Retrievers
(618) 396-2494
HC 82 Box 41
Brussels, IL
Labrador Retriever

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Bluemoon Yorkies
(816) 532-3333
Kansas City, MO
Yorkshire Terrier
AKC Certified

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Kountry Acres Kennel
(660) 825-2351
PO Box 34
La Plata, MO
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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(334) 488-6614
17858 Brookside road
Barnett, MO
Poodle, Standard

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(636) 463-2070
620 Schultz Ct
Foristell, MO
Chinese Crested

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Wright's American Eskimos
(573) 384-5043
121 Ridgemount Dr
Troy, MO
American Eskimo Dog

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Genesis Bernese Mountain Dogs
(816) 697-8809
842 NW 1661st Road
Bates City, MO
Bernese Mountain Dog

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Puppies Available
PO Box 37
Glenwood, MO

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vom Amaris K-9
(573) 729-3735
PO Box 216
Townville, MO
Doberman Pinscher

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Golden Retriever - Guide to Golden Retrievers

Golden RetrieverDescription: The Golden Retriever is a relatively young breed and only dates as far back as the mid-19th century. Developed by Lord Tweedmouth near the English-Scottish border, the Golden combines the blood of retriever, Tweed Water Spaniel, setter and the sandy-colored Bloodhound. The Golden is a popular breed due to its well-mannered, friendly nature. It is also an excellent candidate for obedience training, and by instinct, is still a reliable, gentle-mouthed retriever. The Golden Retriever enjoys urban or rural settings as long as it is provided with plenty of outdoor exercise.

Height: The height of a Golden Retriever is 23 - 24" (58.4 - 58.4cm) for dogs, 21.5 - 22.5" (54.6 - 54.6cm) for bitches.

Weight: The weight of a Golden Retriever is 65 - 75 lbs (29 - 29 kg) for dogs, 60 - 70 lbs (26.8 - 26.8 kg) for bitches.

Coat Type: The water-repellent coat of the Golden Retriever is dense with a moderate undercoat. The texture is neither silky nor coarse, and the golden-colored coat may be wavy but lies flat. The front of the chest, back of the thighs and the underside of the tail are more heavily feathered than the rest of the body. Careful grooming and brushing are required on a regular basis.

Color: The Golden Retriever coat is various shades of golden.

Temperament: The Golden Retriever is mild-mannered and easy to train, yet maintains its sporting instincts. These qualities make this breed an ideal and reliable family pet, one particularly suited to a family with kids.

Health Problems: Hip Dysplasia, cataracts and other eye problems, and subvalvular aortic stenosis (SAS - a cardiac problem), thyroid problems, and allergies are all potential health concerns in this breed. Reputable breeders of Goldens should only consider breeding with some sort of permanent hip certification, annual eye check and certification, and a heart screening by a board certified cardiologist. Other problems found to a lesser exte...

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